The Solutions System

The Total Tight!

total tight.jpg

It’s the best fashion invention ever. This is the ultimate staple in a smart woman’s closet. To avoid fashion fatigue, the Total Tight is an absolute must. It’s your cami, legging, bra, panty, and shaper all in one.

The Sleeve Solution!

Sleeve Solution.jpg

Don’t let the cold weather or exposure of some skin stop you from wearing your beautiful, sleeveless tops. Slip a sleeve solution under that garment and watch your outfit transform.

The Benny & Elly!


Sometimes an outfit is just missing something. Bennies and Ellies are wonderful tunic extenders. Cover up the lovely lady gems with a splash of color or a wonderful lengthening piece.

The Circle Tight!


Add a layering piece to outfit. The Circle Tight is a sleeveless tunic extender. Move it up and down the torso to your liking. No need to fuss with it, because it stays perfectly where its placed.

The Two Tier Cape!

What piece of clothing do you know of that can be worn 11 different ways? The Two Tier Cape is magnificent. With multiple ways to wear it as a cardigan, poncho, vest, and scarf, it is a statement piece.

The Ultimate Boot!

ultimate boots

A boot with versatility and aesthetic is a rare gem. The Ultimate Boot is made with genuine leather. With hard wiring at the top, it can be molded to your liking. The opening of the boot can be folded down to look like a shoe.


Belts add more personality and fun to any outfit. It creates a wonderful shape to the body and adds a drape to the top.